Photo by Yoshinobu Takeda

YOSHINOBU TAKEDA, a.k.a. TAKEZO, was born in Kagawa, Japan, and grew up in Kyoto. Takezo began singing in bands and composing music at the age of 12. Among his earliest influences were American movie soundtracks, The Beatles, and Otis Redding. His instincts brought him to San Francisco, California in 1985 to pursue a career in music. Since then he has performed as a rhythm and blues singer/guitarist with artists such as Elvin Bishop, Angela Strehli, Joe Louis Walker, Norton Buffalo, and many others.

Here is what people are saying about TAKEZO:

"My friend Takezo is lot of fun to play music with. You can always count on him for a great groove - the feel of his playing and singing is just right everytime. I really admire him for having the courage to come to a strange country, not knowing anyone here, and simply out of the love of the music, jumping right into the black music scene. He has done much more than just learning things from records - he has really lived the music. I think this is why he has captured the real blues and soul feeling."

- Elvin Bishop

"Bobby Blue Bland meets Buddy Guy-- that's Takezo!"

- Angela Strehli

"He is a very soulful, talented, and motivated singer / musician."

- Joe Louis Walker

"You can't judge this book by looking at cover. But look inside and you'll see that when the blues came a knockin', Takezo opened the door and let them in. He believes in the blues, and he sings them from the heart. I like this guy!"

- Norton Buffalo

"Takezo sings the blues as natural as someone born in Oakland, raised in a church, and studied with Junior Parker. He was meant to live the blues."

- Tom Mazzolini, Producer, SF Blues Festival


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